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Swondo  designs,  develops and maintains virtual environments and communities.
Currently Swondo is developing virtual world solutions for the Dutch market and a new OpenSim grid called: Swondo World. If you are new to virtual worlds, Signup and feel the excitement of being able to walk and fly around, create things and interact live with others.
Swondo also offers high quality virtual real estate in Metropolis and OSgrid.

Swondo World is an independent virtual world based on the OpenSim system.
In Swondo World you can find or create a home, club, shop, flying garden, etc.. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You can change your looks, collect or create cloths, drive a car, ride a horse or fly a plane.
There are multiple places (hangouts) where you can meet other people.

In Swondo World it is perfectly possible to have a great virtual life without spending any real money. No costs, just great fun.

Real World businesses, cities, schools and other organizations can have their
"real world" representation and, for example, offer products and services.

Swondo World is under construction but can be accessed through Hypergrid.

Swondo Photo Album

 Swondo also offers high quality virtual land in Metropolis and OSgrid. Prices are the lowest possible and Sims come with architechtually designed landscapes and 2 weeks free tryout.
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Swondo creates: grids, sims, landscapes, communities, buildings, objects, scripts and integrated websites for businesses, schools, foundations, Swondo World and 3'party grids.

Swondo offers payments according knowledge level for a 'grids and server' manager. Expert knowledge of ROBUST including all kinds of add-ons and integrated webpages is required. Preferable living in The Netherlands or Germany. More jobs here.